Friday, January 23, 2015


My two friends that are currently laying around on me I have decided need proper introductions.

Firstly, Keaton.

The annoying little puppy that kidnaps my arm and lays on me. Also Phishie's boyfriend. He is also throughly convinced that the powered in my necklace is cocaine. (eye roll) It's just some substance that glows in the dark, geez!

Then Jennifer

Who also says "It could be cocaine". A short and adorable manga fanatic. She dreams of being a manga artist herself someday and omg I want to read that. She also looks very smart. Got that nerd look about her that's just awesome.

Keaton says that people are probably starring at us like "Look at those weird people over there" well, that'd be true. He's wrapped around my right arm, laying on it while Jennifer lays her head on her hands which are resting on his shoulder. However, I think what is going through our class mates minds right now is more like "That looks like some weird oragy" (<-- word I don't know how to spell ugg)

Jennifer says "It could be"

Guys, you should be concerned for me.

Also, we have decided that Keaton is my 'little brother'. Don't ask me how that happened. He claims he's addicted to cocaine but as the fact that I don't believe that, I won't confirm it since he's just talking out his ass.

Jennifer: Wouldn't that just be farting?
Keaton: Yeah, I'm not farting!
Me: (proceeds to laugh followed by a coughing fit)
Keaton: stop coughing... actually, next time that happens, cough on me... i wanna get sick.
Me: (thinking: You're an idiot)

They are both currently wrapped around my like ivy and claiming that's a hug. Not that I mind but... it's weird. and inhibits my ability to write.

Apparently I shouldn't have said that because now he'll never let go -.-

Well guys, I'm pretty sure you stopped reading a thousand words ago so let's end this post here, lol.  Wish me luck on getting out of this hug hold predicament!

Hug you later, write on!

Your fav. Blogger,

Ps: Now you guys know the everyday crazies that I deal with.

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