Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New dog!

Okay, i forgot to tell you i got a new dog! She's a red beagle, her name was sophie but she wasn't registered and she wouldn't respond to sophie so we were able to rename her. Except now my dad named her Darwin. I'm sorry but i hate the name. It's not even a girl name! I mean seriously! She does have some problems but she's two years old and is sooo cute. Her tail is a bit odd, it's curvy isntead of straight like beagles are supposed to. Oh well i guess, i really wanted a lab but my dad thinks they're just to big. But when i saw Sophie i really felt bad for her, because apparently people don't like the lemon and red beagles all that much. Wich i totally do not understand. They're ADORABLE!!! Darwin's snout has like little dots of red so it looks like she has freckles, SO CUTE!!!
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