Friday, March 9, 2012

Justin Bieber

Who hates justin bieber? Raise your hand.... two million... three million... (i'm counting) HAHAHA okay anyways, i don't exactly like Justin Bieber
1.)He looks like a girl
2.)He sings like one
3.)His songs suck
Sorrry but that's my opinion. Okay, yes he's talented at being able to play those instruments i'll give you beiber fans that. I mean that is amazing i'll admit. BUT there are others out there who can do the same thing to, he's just the one who got discovered. And i was asking one of my friends (who is a Justin Bieber fan) To tell me about him and why she likes him. She said that he's talented and can reach highnotes that other male singers could only wish to reach. Uh YEAH cuz those are notes that are usually sung by GIRLS. That's why he sounds like a girl! His songs suck they really don't do any justice to his playing talents. I mean seriously! Also, little shout out to him,: All your fans are girls, and most of them like you cuz they think your hot (gag me now) so why don't you just get a job as a supermodel for Hans underwear so they can watch the commercials on youtube over and over and stare at you all day while the rest of us get peace for our ears. There are few that like you because of your music... okay let me take that back that's probably not true... but i'm sure it is, We all have different tastes and i just don't like Justin Bieber sorry. But Justin Bieber's fans are mostly girls, his audience is love struck girls i'm just saying. And he shouldn't be dating Selena Gomez, Selena there are better guys out there!!! Plz do yourself some justice and dump him (wich i'm sure now that i'm saying something already happened months ago, oh well) and your way older than him! ok? If you would like to trash talk me about how "Justin Bieber is the best" Then go ahead, but opinions are valued, and if you can't value my opinion, then i'm glad you hate my site, this is a place where opinions are respected no matter what they are
Your. Fav. Blogger,

Another reason i hate you is because your torchering my friend with you singing toothbrushes. She got one from her grandparents that her mom is forcing her to use, and she has to lisen to your song everydasy while brushing her teeth, and if her mom doesn't hear the song, she makes her brush again. Seriously that sucks.

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  1. Hahahaha I totally agree. I think that some people just aren't meant to sing. They may try to look great and all, but they have to have a pitch correcting machine or a voice synthesizer to help them out. Those machines, when used improperly, as we see today, are a disgrace to music. Whatever happened to bands like the Beatles, Queen, and Styx?