Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celeberties and Punishments

Some people believe that celebrities should have harsher punishments for things. So that if they let’s say… uh… stole a ring, they would get 2 years in jail instead of 1 (we are assuming of course that a regular average everyday person would be one year and jail). Most of this is because they are saying that they are the role models for kids these days and that means they’ll follow in their footsteps. THAT”S DEMENTED as you can tell I got a couple things to say ‘bout that. First, they’re regular people just like you. Maybe you shouldn’t let them be their role model and If you don’t approve of them then protect your kid like you do with everything. And maybe you should parent better and have better control over your kid(s) Plus, even celebrities that are considered kid friendly can turn out to do something that makes people get all in a bunch about. Fame goes to people’s heads, and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem. And maybe you should make sure that your kid understands the consequences and how you shouldn’t do it and blah blah blah! And you know, it’s really not their fault, I know your like. “What the world are you talking about?” Okay well first, most pop stars are in their teens which is a time period in today’s society that people do crazy things! I’m sure that anybody that had a life did the same sort of things in their day. AND you know what? Everyday people do the same thing ALL THE TIME!!! But it’s not a big deal because nobody know about right? I mean, if you let’s say smoked pot, you wouldn’t be telling most people now would you? EXACTLY!  The celebrities (well most of them anyways) don’t go off telling everybody about it, it’s the press. They spill all the details about every single celebrity. If It weren’t for them, this kind of information wouldn’t be getting out to your kids! So blame them. Besides, the press really needs to stay out of people’s bis wax, seriously.
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