Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hobby anybody?

Okay so since we go to school online me and my brother rarely get out anymore so we have to get a hobby. I had a couple ideas:

Irish dance- I've always been intrested in since i saw this VCR tape called River dance (yeah yeah "Omg a VCR??? that's SO 20th century!!") and i'd always wanted to do it but it kinda got long forgotten but when i found out my bff was doing irish dance it reminded me of that dream i had when i was a kid watching that tape (OVER AND OVER AND OVER! :D)
writing- Writing is second nature and i do it ALOT... being a blogger how could i not??? (:P) But still outside of blogging i've done lots of writing... i just never finish it...
Movie making- You know short movies like the type people upload on youtube, that sort of thing?
Sewing- another thing that's always been in my bucket list
Music videos- I think it would be AWESOME to make music videos, not ones where you change the lyrics but just plain music videos. It would be beast mode though i don't like that word i can't think of a better one to explain it right now ;)
Oppinionating- okay this is what i've sorta been trying to turn this site into but intill i get more populairity it's not gonna happen but i realize that you gotta get opinions out there to make people start lisening. But this hobby is sharing your opinions on everything from bouncy balls to new songs to celeberties and all that. It's basicly rating stuff wich i would be real good at :D
Talking or eating- this is a hoby i already have but maybe i should just tell my parents that i already have one, talking and eating! So i can get out of this intill i find a REAL hobby  :D
(ummmm i forgot the others..... huh...)
Well that's it for now, if you got any ideas then post them! PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. Take up Sewing. Great fun, plus u can make your own clothes! :)

  2. If you like crafts, I think that you should try things like paper mache or making necklaces or painting. Something like that. :D