Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The New Revisied Mystified

Hey guys, if you've read my previous post you know about my book Mystified and the book Key and I had started. Well I said i was gonna revise it and I'm starting the process. The first thing though is that Mystified's main charecter is a girl who has known about her powers but can't control them, so she ends up going to school early. The other book however, is about a girl who hasn't known about her powers and when she suddenly finds out she's upset a bit when she finds they're moving to the magical realms. So now, I need you guys to vote (check the polls colum!) On what backstory the combined book should have.
1. Mystified's Charecter
2. Me and Key's Charecter
3. A combination
4. A completely new charecter

Check here often to see new questions i want ya'll to answer to help with the book. The polls colum will have the voting but most likely they'll be explained here.

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