Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back On Track

In case you were wondering, NO this post is not about trains :D. I've been going through some my old writing, plays i started to write, poems i've written, and books i've started but never finished. And I think it's time i got back on track with that. I want to write a fantasy, something like Harry Potter. You know, with Witches, wizards, sorceress, that stuff. But being a very visual and visualization kinda person, I want to be able to kind of gather pictures and draw pictures of this fantasy world. The thing is, when you write a series, you've got to create not only the charecter but the world around them and how this world works (exspecaily in a fantasy with magic and that sort of stuff) And i want to create that world. Partly cuz i think it would be awesome and cool, but also so it's easier to visualize. I mean, when you see something, you can describe it better than you can if you were imagining it in your head. Me and my friend Key started a book once that was going pretty well but we didn't get far before we were consumed by other things, and i had started a book called "Mystifyied" That i didn't plan ahead and well.... i kinda hit a wall. I've been wanting to take the book and revise it. (planing ahead this time). But one of the flaws about my friend key, although she's a great writer, she'll get another idea for a book and start it before finishing the one she's working on. She's never finsihed a book, and she has like... (let's just say by now, i've lost count of how many books she's trying to write) And having a bunch of books doens't exactly work unless you finish one of them. I've decided, i want to combine the book me and key were trying to write and "Mystifyied" Although Mystifyied was a great hit with my fellow class mates, It didn't have a stable back bone and started to dissolve it's rich text as i went on. BUT, the book me and Key had started, barely has anything and does have some of that backbone. So i'm thinking if i combine them it will make for a fairly awesome book. Another problem right now though is that i talk about all these things i wanna do and i get set up and i do the beggining stages and then.... i never finsih. Yes i'll admit, i have the same problem as key, i jump project to project. But i don't keep a project i left alive unless i have good reason. I keep some record of it but then i abandon it.  I don't try to keep it alive. Well, since i usually just talk about stuff, i'm off to work on it now.... man looking outside the office window, we are getting hit with a storm and it's starting to get ugly.... (sigh) I hate tornado watches, besides dieing before i've achomplished the things i want to, tornados is probably the thing i'm most scared of. And not nessisaily because of me, because i'm sure I'd be ok (maybe a little like cut from debre but ok) it's kinda mostly cuz i don't wanna lose my writting and my work, i mean when i think of it and everything.... i don't wanna lose it. I mean i have probably HUNDREDS of pieces of paper in my room with fragments of writing on them that i really don't wanna lose. Wich should motivate me to get copies in a computer somewhere but... that hasn't exactly happened. But i know if it dissapears, it'll be my fault (sigh)
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