Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One of my fav. past times has got to be watching TV and especially movies. I mean... they're just SO cool. Some of my favorite are Annie, Princess Diaries and Gnomeo and Juliet. I wanna see "Mirror Mirror" it sounds like a good movie. My favorite TV shows of all time has got to be Mythbusters, Battlestar Galactica, Unchained Reaction and....
let's see.... OH YEA HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I FORGET (punch me it's a crime to forget lol juuuust kidding!) EUREKA!!!!!! I LUV eureka and it's last season is coming out in a couple of weeks. I'm excited to be watching again but I'm sad that this is the last season. I do like some of the CSI stuff but I rarely watch it anymore. I watch Being Human and one of my new favorites is Person Of Interest GOSH THAT SHOW IS AWESOME. But it really annoys me when they do re-runs instead of the new one.  I've started watching "Once Upon A Time" My parents say it's really corny and has some bad acting, ok yeah maybe but still i like the story line, it's a great idea the general concept. I was watching the Voice and I was really mad that they got rid of Kim and yet they let Pip!!! I mean "WHAT"S THAT ABOUT??" Kim was AWESOME!!! And that other dude!!! The judge talked to this girl that sang airplanes about whispering and yet some dude with a head band thing was totally whispering and they voted for him!!!! And I REALLY like Lord Voldemort. (Not the real actor that played him but SERIOUSLY this guy SOOOO looks like him!!! and he's not that bad!!!) Which i also brings me to "I WON!!!" Key was reading the harry potter books and i had nothing to read but i tried reading them once but found it really hard to read at the time so i decided to try them again. When we started she was on book three (starting on Monday) and i was on book 0 but by the next weekend, i was on book four!!!  WHO IS AWESOME!!??!? OH THAT"S RIGHT: ME!!! (lolz) So i decided to race her and I finished reading the whole series yesterday at almost exactly 9:00. So I'm pretty sure i won. She was on chapter 10 book 6 when i checked with her last friday. I haen't checked and wont be able to till Thursday (if she has Friday off from school). (why is a long and complicated story but they got hit by viruses so when one of their computers crashed so their mom said to reduce the time they spent on the computer, when they didn't, it became weekends only thing. Which ultimately turned into "When schools out" Soooo yeah, on a regualar week it's friday afternoon, all day saturday and sunday afternoon since they go to church, and she has to share with her sis nata so yeah...) either way I'm awesome and i found a really good quote in this song that i was lisening to from the movie Princess And the Pauper (yeah yeah barbie movie kid stuff IDC I was bored and had the computer game since i was a little kid but I'd never watched the movie so i wanted to c it) And it says "If what you are, is a strange you, doesn't mean you should change you, only means you should change your point of view" i thought that was a really cool quote or song lyric (:D, and if it doesn't make sense, let me clairify, Her cat acts like a dog and when he tries to meow cuz he's feeling down about being different, she breaks into song about her cat and how special he is and blah blah. You can look it up the songs called "The Cat's Meow") Well with that i must be off! SEEE YA!!!
Blah Blah Blah
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