Monday, September 13, 2010


Today was a day of success,
I handed out some slips of paper with the website adress on it, hope they like it. And some people asked "what's it about?" well it's about anything i find instresting and want to post really, and answering questions and stuff and whatnot. And after they look at the website they might say " why do you not have some instresting stuff and not a lot of posts?" well here's the thing, there hasn't been any really instresting things going on lately. but soon there will.
Today we had spaghetti (did i spell that right?) and meatballs. I don't like spaghetti, I don't really don't know why but i do. And it's not that I won't eat it, it's just not my favorite. Though it's better with that chese we put on it, though it melts fast so it doesn't last that long.
This guy at school has been gone awhile and it apears that he is in AC (alternitive classroom). From what I've heard he kept bothering this 5th grader on the bus and when they got off he pushed the 5th grader. Well that did it to the 5th grader's standered's so they got into a big fight.  The guy says that he beat the 5th grader but witnesses say that the 5th grader beat him.
Well i just did the dishes and soon I'll have to go to soccer practice and I'm expecting a phone call from a friend. Thanks again for reading and I hope you like the website but before I turn off the computer, I'm going to wait to see if anyone else comments, if i don't answer your question today i will answer it soon!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. oy ya and the fith grader one the fight everybody said he is just saying he won but oh well

  2. hey kenster this is Emily from school i love ur website its soo cool!!!!!!!! keep writing cool blogs see ya at school tommorow bye!!!!:}