Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Weird Dream

We went out to dinner to this place called "Mama's Pizza" (which I compliment and suggest to anyone looking for some unusual pizza) and on the way back the house, I began thrinking about my weird dream last night. It started out with me in my brother's Spyro game. I don't remember the name of it now but the goal of the game is to catch dragon flies. Anyways, I was in the game and my brother was Spyro.Then, as Spyro, he did a headbutt over the edge of the clift we were on. I yelled "NOO!" (like any good movie charecter :P). And just like that, I magically appeared on the ledge he had landed on without any idea of how I'd gotten down. Maybe it was like that timed thing. Where when you get seperated from other charecters to where you can't see yourself, you die and re-generate with the first controller. I bet that was it. Eitherway, I mysteriously appeared on the ledge. On the ledge with us, was a very old yellow dragronfly. I mean this is some antediluvian dragonfly people. The strange this was, I didn't know how I knew that. I just did. I can't remember what he looked like either. It's not like he had wrinkles or grey hair or anything, I just knew he was ancient. I'd like to think that he had a white mustache though, it's kinda cute. Then my brother switched to bubble breath (It's how you catch the dragonflies, you blow bubbles and chase them around intill they submit) and went over and blew bubbles in his face. Except, this time, my brother didn't have to chase it around. It just hovered there complete placid with being captured. And it's safe to say, I find that odd with such a old dragonfly but oh well. Then we magically appeared on another ledge. This time my brother was fooling around with his abilities. He was romping around with his charge except he was jumping too (which, you can actually do in the game, in fact it's a very signature thing my brother does all the time) he was also playing around with bubble breath, stretching out his scaled lips to blow bubbles. Also on the ledge with us, was a princess monkey from the monkey colony that lives in the mountains. (that's also in the game). All of a sudden, she came towards us, chasing after something and they bumped into each other and their lips accidentally meet. As we were leaving, I began teasing him about it. He told me to shut up. I didn't. :D Again, the scenery shifted. Now, it was me and a bunch of kids being suppervised by these adults in dark hooded cloaks where you couldn't see their faces. Of course we didn't find this to be strange at all though and we were exploring the dark house we were in, looking for secrets. We came to a pair of huge double doors back of wood and cast iron hinges, mammoth sized. These were the type of double doors you only see in castles from the middle ages. So I asked, "What's behind this door?". One hooded adult with a lantern walked toward the door a couple steps and the door magically opened. Behind it, was the silhouette of what looked like a man, chained laying down on a table of some sort. Behind that, a strange red light was being emitted that spiked  everywhere in all directions. I couldn't see them, but I knew there were torture devices somewhere. Somehow, that didn't bother me, because I knew that thing was evil. Then, the lantern guy said "Awake!". Suddenly, the figure began resisting the chains, his back bending off the table as his lips raised up in screams. His screams were silent. You couldn't actually hear them. Instead they did something to your brain. Me and the other children crouched on the floor, hands on our ears. I finally yelled "ENOUGH!" and the screaming stopped and the doors closed. Now, being the stubbornly stupid silly children we are, we didn't let that horrible instance phase us, we continued on our search. We were walking behind a couch right next to the wall so we had to squeeze and squish to get through when I got the feeling I was going to barf. I escaped to the bathroom right in time to barf out white stuff. I was just about to barf again when I woke up. Thank goddness for that. So there you have it, a very weird dream.

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  1. Honestly, I don't know. Maybe it was some recap of harry potter or something. It just tells you how abnormal I am doesn't it?