Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That ac kid

 You know that ac kid I told you about? Well apparently during football practice
or maybe it was a game, i don't know, he took off his helmet and his team and coach shaved his head almost bold! That is so mean! (Even though this kid is one of the most annoying people on the planet) But what ever and guess what?
 Monday at soccer practice someone tripped me( we where playing against another team that used the field to practice too.) and I barell rolled on my finger and so now my finger is sore and I can't practice my bassoon like I'm supposed too! And today, me and my friends are playing this game at reccess and the game is all up in the air right now so we needed papper to write it all down. So affter gym I always have lunch. so you go upstairs and you have like one minute to get your stuff and when i got there I  couldn't get all my stuff to fit correctly without my binder squishishing my extra notebook paper, so i took some time to re- arrange and get some note book paper and then stapled it all together. by the time i was ready to line up, the last class was going to lunch. And so the teacher told me to just get behind her line(meaning i was the last person in the whole line). Then the ac kid came and got behind me (I don't know why but he always wants to be last. He got problems) The guy in front of me said to get in front of him and I said no but the ac kid didn't resist. The guy in front of me wanted to be last so bad that he walked slow and when we passed by the water fountians get a drink like the ac kid thinking I would get in front of him. But I didn't, I stood my ground and waited. When we finally got there after a while the teacher that I was origonaly supposed to be in line with came to me and said to get in line with the class, well we went first that day so all my class mates had already gotten out of the line to go to the lunch lines. So I stayed there. Then When I finally got my lunch it wasn't anything good so I didn't eat much about three bites of sandwhich and five sips of milk. Then This other teacher blew the whisle for the first side of the first table and it took forever to get to our table line becuase everyone was moving slow and talking to the whisle blower! Wasting my resece time and the reason that really upsets me is becuase we take the long way to get back to class, it takes forever to get in so we get less than we are really supposed to. And then when I finally got out two of my friends found a criket and spent the whole ressece just LOOKING AT IT. I WAS SO MAD!!!!!!!! THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF CRIKETS IN THE WORLD GO FIND ONE AT HOME!!!!!!!!!! In defence one of them said "It's not a criket it's eithier a grasshopper or a large locas." DOES IT REALLY MATTER? THE POINT IS THAT IT ISN'T SPECIAL! WHO CARES?And then one said" Ahh, it hurt" AGIAN, WHO CARES? IT'S A BUG THEY LIVE FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS TO TWO YEARS! IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S A DOG! AND YOU CAN'T HELP HIM, YOU CAN'T DO SURGERY ON A BUG! I STOOD LAST IN LINE, ATE LAST AND JUST FOR US TO WRITE THINGS DOWN FOR THE GAME AND YOU JUST WANT TO LOOK AT A FREAKING CRIKET? WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY!AND I WOULDN"T MIND AT ALL IF I JUST WASTED ALL MY TIME TO DO SOMETHING AND THE DIDN"T DO IT! IF THEY WANTED TO LOOK AT A CRIKET SOME DAY DURING ALL RECES THEN OKAY BUT NOT WHEN I"VE SUFFERED THROUGH THIS TO DO SOMETHING AND THEN YOU IGNORE ME!
Your angrey blogger,

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