Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hey I had the perfect idea, each month I'll have contests The winner will get to post there own blog for everone to see you can write about any thing you want, a poem, a song something at school, a story you wrote, Your crush(please just find someway to make that instesting I mean seriously who want to read about that? YUCK!)what ever you want and it will stay there forever and will never be earased. But you have to win first!
This month's contest will be a riddle contest, whoever comes up with the answer first is the winner here's the riddle:
I usually sit on a throne of eatible while
I come in all diferent colors
You can put any thing sweet on me
and everyone scoops me up
What am I?

The First person to answer correctly wins! But don't forget to inclued what you would want to post if you won and a name to call you by weather it's your real name, a goofy fake name or a name you really like.
Good luck to all that compete!
Your fav. Blogger,


  1. im doing riddles so here are two
    1.what do you call a fish without an eye
    2.there were two ducks in front of a duck and two ducks behind a duck and one in hte middle how many ducks were there

  2. I think i have the answer my answer is sprinkles if i win my post would be: ok so who loves dog or who dose not i mean they are the best i love them i want to see how many breeds you can name this is not a contest but im just wondering so name away oh and i will name 3
    1 labrador
    2 labradoodle
    3.golden retriver

    1. SOOO close but no, sorry! I will post about dogs!