Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Poptropica is way asomely cool. Though thier new island, Steam Works is hard, those stupid plants are really hard to beat! ARG well wish me luck, I hopefully will be able to beat it this time WATCH OUT YOU VIRTUAL PLANTS I"M COMING TO GET YOU!
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Now they have a new island called Mystey train island and it's DETECTIVE WORK and they said it was going to be out to the public now BUT IT" NOT OPEN WHAAA! Sorry I love logic puzzles and stuff and I'm really egar for this particular one to come out. Becuase it shall be FUN! I had my birthday party with my acual parents yesterday (about two months after my birthday : ( but i didn't mind, what am i going to be for halloween, getting off topic SORRY!) the theme was hollywood I made the street signs hollywood bl and Vine st. and made pink stars and taped them to the floor for my guests to sign like the walk of fame and then on the long banister I taped up my own HOLLYWOOD sign! I spent all day making decration and setting up the one's we had bought from pary city. The party was awesome!
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