Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ever Wish You could dissapear?

Every Wish You could just dissapear from the world? I do right now. All i've heard all day is how i can't get my act together and do the simple things my parents ask me to. I"M SORRY THAT I"M A HUMAN BEING AND NOT A WELL OILED MACHINE! I AM FLAWED IT"S JUST A PART OF BEING A HUMAN BEING!!!! And sorry, i know some of these things are simple but i'm tired of hearing this same thing. And my friend got on to me today for being mean to her sister.... I WAS NOT MEAN i barely even TALK to her!!! I don't know what the heck i said! Apparently she's blocked me which i so don't get. And she got mad at me today and totally blew her top, she goes ":O Did i really just say all that?" `.`  I can't blame her sometimes but still... I'm just having a real bad day. And there are some days that i just think i shouldn't be living because every one just gets mad at me and just ug/ It seems like i'm always an annoyance to everyone.


  1. Welcome to humanity. Much of life is about living up to expectations. Whether that is a self-motivated sense of perfection for doing something you love just right, an employer giving you an assignment, a friend asking for consideration of their feelings, or (gasp!) a parent expecting you to do your chores and responsibilities without needing to be asked over and over and over.

    And don't confuse a little discipline with a lack of love. You are loved very much and we would be devastated if you "disappeared". If you are really having "I shouldn't be living" feelings frequently (i.e. this is not venting hyperbole), then we need to talk and work through that, because it is not normal to have those kinds of thoughts frequently.

    Love you Kenna,

  2. And I could not have said it better myself.