Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Central

I'm awesome! I have this game called Dance Central and the highest rank is living legeand the  hardest song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga and if you did exceptional you get 5 golden stars (like it's a grade, F if you got one star or less, D if you got 2 stars, C if you get 3 stars, 4 stars is like a b and 5 stars is an A but 5 golden stars is an A+) And first of all I always get four stars or more on every song I do (becuase i'm awesome : )!) But a couple weeks ago I got living legend and so I was like, YEAH! But I'm not done. I played Just dance on hard(there is easy meduim and Hard) breakit down and I got 100%!
(On break it down they teach you a couple moves and then you put it all together and perform a part of the song you'll perform and how many moves you pass is a percentage and then you have like 5 recaps and a final recap and they average all the percents and then you get your final score or percentage) That means I passed ALL of the moves!!!!!! WHAHOO! And then I actually performed it on hard and I got 5 GOLDEN STARS!!!!!!!! I"M AWESOME! Hah, and all the kids that would make fun of me in school can't do no better! Sorry If I sound . . . .. . (whats the word) self commenting and braggish but I'm like really proud of myself. And yesterday I think my brother did the most dummest thing ever. He tried to sofen up some butter that was hard so he put it in the microwave and then he took it out and of course it was all melted all over the place. Who is stupid enough to put a whole stick of butter in the mircrowave? I mean really?
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