Monday, August 16, 2010

Opions on the Oil Spill

In recent news, an oil spill has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill was brought on by the mistakes of a company named BP. From the information I've gathered I've become a bit outraged and have concluded the following opinions. There are three things or groups of people to blame which are the following:

I don't think the goverment should allow drilling in the gulf. The damage to our ecosystem isn't worth it. We should be investing in cleaner energy instead. Also in recent news, on the public radio station there was report of a good offer to clean up the gulf. These mechanical arms would reel in the water, take out the oil and put the water back in the gulf. However, BP had to decline due to a law that states you can't put oil contaminated water into the gulf. At this point, with all the trouble they are in, it would probably just be wiser to take the offer and pay an extra fine so that we get it cleaned up quicker. I don't agree with putting in oil contaminated water back in the gulf of course, but the goverment should be making an exception, this is an ARTIFICAL disaster! A devastating, life-killing, unexceptable disaster. Oil contaminated is better than a pure layer of oil on top of the gulf.

We can not exclude the company from a lack of foresight. Oil companies that hold the balance of our marine life in their hands don't simply mess up. Personally there should be plan As and plan Bs and plan Cs before even building the rig. Cleanup plans should also be included in those also. Regular security checks should also be in place of backup equipment of plan as and bs and Cs. We can pretty just sum up this accident: disaster.

Lastly, YOU. that's right, you, the American driver can be to blame.
If we weren't so dependent on oil, we wouldn't need to drill from the gulf. A good place to start is car pooling in more fuel efficient cars. I remember once what my fifth grade science teacher told me (this May or may not be true but this is what she said) basically, more fuel efficient cars are more expensive, even though the engines are not that drastically more different, because car dealerships don't think we want them and therefore make them even more expensive. Which... Doesn't make a lot of sense. I mean... Yeah. Anyhoo! The next step is using cars with ethanol. How I see it, is there are MANY way this could benefit us. Ethanol is alcohol+Gas. Except, this is 75-85% Alcohol. Let that sink in a moment.
Did it sink in? Imagine. 75-85% LESS GASOLINE USE IN AMERICA! That is... HUGE! Think about how much we'll save on the cost of buying oil from the Middle East! And think about the pollution reduction and how much less oil use overall! Plus, if I'm thinking correctly, this could mean more jobs. First, an increase for the need of alcohol causes a bigger need for farmers. Second, think about it. We buy oil (even though we should probably be using are own reserves... But not in the gulf) then we mix it with the alcohol, creating the ethenol. The process of creating ethonol would create jobs! We'd have... Ethanol Factories!

Let's be smarter next time, America.

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