Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I've never sent a forward before, but I made two in the last couple of days Today I made this one to send to everyone at school:
Whatever Holiday you celebrate, whether it's christmas, kwanza or hanukah
For those of you that celebrate Christmas and are dog lovers, here's a little song about my dog Hoover,
On the tweelth day of christmas hoover gave to me. . . . . . . . .

12 Naps of snooring
11 Tongues of licking
10 Bellies for rubbing
9 trips of snacking
8 walks of tugging
7 windows slobbered
6 doors a pawed
5 Golden wet spots (girls voice) ewwww!
4 muddy paws
3 begging looks
2 chewed slippers
and a bath from her licking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a new twist on a merry christmas:

We wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a happy Hanukkah
We wish you a good kwanza
And a cheerful chinese new year!
Songs By:
-You fav. Blogger
PS did you know that Makenna Noel means Happy christmas? So next time you see a friend wish them a Makenna Noel instead!

 And a couple days ago I sent:

Merry Christmas Everyone! Or Makenna Noelle to you (wich means happy christmas) How likes christmas songs and carols? I DO! One of my favorites is the 12 days of christmas. But, This year I'm tired of tradditional songs! So. . . . If you have a christmas carol or song parody that you made yourself PLZ post it below and send it on! MAKE SURE IT"S FUNNY! Also If you want number the line 1-12 and put the first thing that comes to you head on the next line and send it on so you get random things and eventually (after it's sent to 12 people) You'll have a totally random 12 days of Christmas parody

Now enough of my yapping here's MY 12 days of Christmas parody it's about my dog Hoover. And since it takes for ever to type the 12 days of christmas I'm going to type the lyrics for the 12 day and if your smart you can figure the rest out. So here it is:

On the 12th day of christmas Hoover gave to me!
12 Naps of Snoring
11 Tounges of Licking
10 Bellies for rubbing
9 Trips of snacking
8 Walks of tugging
7 Windows slobbered
6 Doors a clawed
5 Golden wet spots!!!
4 muddy paws
3 begging looks
2 two chewed slippers
AND A BATH FROM HER LICKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bravo! Thankyou Thankyou! ONCORE!

(My end thing, please make sure that when you post yours that it goes below the actual email, becuase then it really messes everything up :) Thanks for reading!) 
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(In Gmail, there is like TONS of emoticoms in my sign off :) )

So what's you favorite Christmas song parody? I'd love to hear it! Post it below and I'll post the 12 parodies of christmas!
Your fav. Blogger

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