Sunday, September 4, 2011


Allright we all have foods we don't like. And when the nasty food showes up on your plate for dinner and you have to eat it what do you do? Well here's my solution
 first when you get your meal decide what is needing to get disposed of without tasting it (becuase you absoulutely hate it! example for me: BROCOLI I SO HATE BROCOLI AND VEGTABLES IN GENERAL i only like corn and pumpkin pie wich sadly is tecnicly a fruit and you can never find pumpkin pie and it doesn't fly in my house) so any way get a soda for your drink or something sorta strong if you know what i mean (and no i'm not talking about alchol) then put a little bite of brocoli in and then take a drink with it  still in your mouth and swallow. the food should float in the soda and so then you only taste the drink and then you don't taste it like taking a pill i learned how to do this a long time ago and it works buetifly! but you might want to chew it while you still have the soda so you don't have to taste it while you chew so you can swallow it ( you should be able to achive this is you breath through your nose)

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  1. Yeah I have a lot of food I don't like. I either cope or don't eat it ;) Also today I don't have to worry about it because we are eating PIZZA!