Thursday, September 1, 2011


 Okay I don't know who in the world made this quiz but it is the best quiz I've ever taking becuase it is SUPER funny you have to read it my friend Georgia sent it to me a long time ago and i decided to post it for you to read to here it is:

What's up? Okay, so here's a random quiz to see how random you are. Enjoy!

Your teacher is calling roll in class, when she comes across a name of a person who is not here. When she asks you where they are, you say...

A.) Oh, she's not sick.
B.) Um, 37?
C.) I kidnapped her and locked her in the janitor's closet, and I only feed her oatmeal and pudding. Heh, heh.

Where's Waldo?

A.) Um, what? Who's Waldo?
B.) I don't know. Who cares? Oh yeah, that's right: NOT ME!
C.) He's making me a waffle!

There's a cow on your lawn eating steak.

A.) What? No there isn't.
B.) *GASP* He's a cannibal!
C.) MOO! Can I go tickle him?

Pick your favorite song.

A.) Fireflies by Owl City.
B.) Happy Birthday by... someone.
C.) DINOSAWR RAWR by some YouTube people.

Whoa! You just saw a burglar robbing a bank! Ah! Now he's running down the sidewalk towards you! You...

A.) Call 9-1-1.
B.) Scream and run out of his way, yelling, "Help! Call the police! Call the fire department! Call the ice cream man! Call my mom! Call Elmo! Help!"
C.) Ask him for a sack of potatoes. When he says no, you pull out your finger gun, pretend to shoot him, and then you throw a rock at his head.

Pick which way you would rather die.

A.) A car crash.
B.) You choked on your on spit. How lovely.
C.) Barney drowned you in a toilet. And I thought he loved me!

Who's your favorite person in the whole wide world?

A.) Easy. My mom.
B.) The owner of that shoe store. She thinks I'm 'irritating', whatever that is.
C.) Santa Claus! We're best friends!

Did dinosaurs use to exist?

A.) Yeah, a long time ago. They're extinct, though.
B.) Maybe. That lady next door is pretty close...
C.) Heck yeah! I'm best friends with a T-Rex! His name is Albert, and we like gluing buttons on paper.

What is your favorite sport?

A.) Soccer/ basketball.
B.) Does sleeping count?
C.) BRUSHING MY TEETH! I like how the toothpaste tastes.

What is the number one thing you have to bring on vacation?

A.) My camera.
B.) Wait, one thing? Do clothes count as one thing? Because if not, then I'll have to say my teddy bear named Mr. Fluffy Pants. He's missing an arm, and both of his eyes, but he doesn't care.
C.) Broccoli! I gotta have something to eat, right?

All right count up your answers. Here's your results.

If you got mostly A's, then...
You're not very random. You're very practical and don't kid around much. Try to have some fun, you know? It's not a crime to be weird or funny. People enjoy a random person. It makes their day a whole lot more... interesting.

If you got mostly B's, then...
You're getting there. You have your random moments, while sometimes you're just normal and don't yell out weird stuff. If you want to get more random, just try saying the first thing that comes to your mind. Other than that, good job. Mostly.

If you got mostly C's, then...
You're as random as they come! You love blurting out strange things, and especially love the confused looks you get from your dad by yelling, "Ah! Your belly button's on fire!" Life's never boring when you're around.
Alright are you laughing yet? If your not then there is something seriously wrong with you even if you answered all A's. I got mostly B's and A's a couple C's what did you get?
Blah Blah Blah
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