Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Obsessions

Alright guys, I wanna share my "Weekly Obsessions" with you guys. (hahaha yeah just like superfruit) Anyways...

-New skull backpack
-Midsummer's night dream

So first of all, I've become addicted to a new song called "Sledgehammer". At first I didn't like the song but it totally grew on me. It was meaningful without being deep or depressing with a fun flirty twist. :D

My mother bought me a new backpack and it's so adorable. It's one of those draw string with clasps? I don't know what the style is called but they are becoming increasingly popular. Again, i hated them just for that. Now that I have one though, I really appreciate the design. It's simple but has enough room to hold my essentials. What I love about it most though is it's pattern. it's a simple off-white color with lots of skull and crossbones on it.... IT IS SO ADORABLE I LOVE IT!!!!

Lastly, I've become obsessed with one of Shakespeare' classics. I read Midsummer Night's Dream in 8th grade and appreciated it but I really get it after reading it now. I decided to audition for a production our community theatre is running and I have to prepare a monologue and 16 bars of a song. I decided I'd go the extra mile and try memorizing a Shakespeare monologue. Remembering that I've read Midsummer Night's Dream before, I looked for one there and I have decided on Helena's monologue in Act 3 Scene 2 where she begins "Oh spite! Oh hell! I see you all are bent!" (hehehe I typed that from memory too). I've already memorized 4/17 lines and I only started last night... which is a good thing because the auditions are in two weeks! But, I got to reading the rest of the play along with the monologue and I really understand the words now and have come to appreciate it much more.

Let's just hope all this new found understanding will help me in the audition!!!
Wish me luck guys!

Your fav. Blogger,

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